Interview with Harminder Makhija-Ortiz from India Gems International

2021-04-21 17:54:23

1. Name and position of the spokesperson.

My name is Harminder Makhija-Ortiz, I am a sales specialist at India Gems International company.

2. What company do you represent and how many years of working experience in that company do you have?

I represent the India Gems International company and have 16 years of experience.

3. Tell us about yourself and your career in the company.

I am the second generation in our family business. I live and work in Miami, Downtown in Florida. I’ve been in sales for the past 16 years and it’s been a delightful experience thus far.

4. Tell us about your company (when and where it was founded, where it is located now, what it does, etc.)

India Gems International was founded by my father, Malik Makhija in 1988. We carry loose diamonds and a line of fine jewelry. 

5. What are the mission and vision of your company?

It is our joy to fulfill our customers’ desire with our fine jewelry. 

6. What do you value most in your company?

The most valuable thing for us is the everyday interaction with our clients, the moment when we see their happiness as they purchase a piece that we have custom made for them.

7. What are the most important traits that the workers of your company need to have?

Most importantly to come in with a positive attitude and come with a mindset to provide the upmost satisfaction in creativity and productivity all around. 

8. How are the company employees motivated?

They are given the drive to continue a successful business.

9. What innovative technologies do you use in your company?

Our favorite technology that helps us create a crisp look and please our clients’ eyes is Rendline who provide a high quality in rendering beautiful pictures and thus enhance a more satisfying look to our pieces.

10. How do you plan to evolve and expand your company?

We are planning to continue to keep buying and creating unique jewelry and to evolve in the ecommerce world.

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