Jewellery maker: a path to success

2018-11-15 20:47:45
Jewellery Maker

Jewellery making has a long history. Jewellery is proved to be one of the oldest objects, created by a human being, epitomising a cultural and historical background. It is believed that the first piece of jewellery was discovered in Africa. The early patterns were made of eggshells approximately 75 thousand years ago, later people started to use bones, stones and teeth for designing such ornamentals. The art of making jewellery developed at a very fast speed in ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Little by little people began to understand the value of manual work and carving on precious stones.


Today, making jewellery has become much easier. There is an uncounted number of factories for mass production, however despite this, handwork takes a priority position when choosing jewellery.


Jewellery making or design belongs to an enormous industry which has millions of customers today. Jewellery makers dedicate their lives to this art and are permanently engaged in the constant developing process of inventing new trends in the world of fashion.


Jewellery makers are real artists, who not only need to express their ideas by drawing sketches, but they are also supposed to have deep knowledge of materials from which the masterpiece will be created. A great number of masters of different profiles take part in the manufacturing process of high-quality jewellery pieces. It is a very complicated and long process. Production time can take from one week to even several months, and depends on the skills of the jeweler and the complexity of the order.


Each jeweller has his own handwriting, which reflects his world view and soul. A professional jeweller should have education in this field, and undoubtedly he will need to have gone through a long path of experience and hard work to reach the top of implementation of his own ideas into reality.


People have always appreciated beauty, and the jeweller is the creator of beauty. Therefore, the profession of a jewellery maker will be relevant at all times.

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