Jewelry Rendering Services

2019-01-28 10:37:19

Jewelry rendering services are not a new notion in the jewelry market and have been quite popular for quite a long time already.  Rendering is a complex process, during which the 3D model converts into a realistic photo or video. You can learn more about jewelry rendering from one of our previous articles → what is jewelry rendering


If you have a jewelry store and you need to find jewelry rendering masters to render your files, you have a couple of options.

  • Hiring jewelry rendering studios that try to provide affordable, quick and high-quality resolutions.
  • Hiring freelancers, preferably from an Asian or Caucasian country that might charge you half the market price.
  • Downloading a rendering software, opening a Youtube tutorial and learning it all from scratch. But most of the time, jewelry producers do not have time for such a workload.

Nowadays, because of the tough competition, the market prices keep dropping more and more and it won’t cost you a lot of money to use rendering services. The average price ranges around 5-25$ for each photo rendering, depending on the quality of the resolution.

Besides the pricing, getting a couple of rendered photos quickly is also not a problem and now the process takes around 48 hours to complete on average. But if you, for example, have around 20 files that you want to render with 4 different views, it might take the rendering masters from 2 to 4 weeks to complete.

As the world of technology is rapidly evolving, people try to automate and simplify complicated processes such as for instance rendering, and the creation of Rendline, the first online automated rendering tool, comes as a no surprise.  Although Rendline is on its beta version now, the speed of the rendering is already out of this world. The same 20 files example described above can be rendered in less than 48 hours.

After deciding which rendering service to choose and finding the most suitable one for you (and let’s all agree that the more automated the better), you have to pay attention not only to how realistic the photos look, but also to the number of pixels the image has, which is referred to as image resolution.

If your jewelry has many details on it, that you need to zoom in to see, then you will need a bigger number of pixels than usual, thus a higher resolution.  If you are going to post photos on the website of your online shop, then 720p or 1080 p HD resolutions are perfectly enough for you.

There are several reasons why:

  1. As you are going to upload a lot of photos on your website, it’s better not to overload it with images that require much storage.
  2.  You have to consider that not all customers have high-speed internet, so choosing average resolution is also suitable for them.
  3. Another thing to pay attention to is the fact that the time that your website spends on loading has a direct influence on you Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you are going to use the photos for printing in a magazine or on a banner, then you have to consider 2 things: resolution and PPI (or DPI). PPI stands for Pixels Per Inch and high resolution photos require around 300 or even more PPI.

Another service that you will probably use is video rendering. Video rendering is a great way to better showcase your jewelry and give a better understanding of how it will look like after production. Video rendering is a chain of images that form a video of the jewelry showing if from all the angles. The optimal number of images that a human eye is able to see in one second is 24-25, so don’t make a video rendering that has more or less than the mentioned number of images per second.

Another emerging trend in rendering services is XR rendering, which is showing a 360 degrees view of the object. Unlike a video, it has less images and you have to turn it around manually. As it has less images, it’s not possible to view it from every single angle, but it also gives a great understanding of the overall appearance of the jewelry. This service is relatively cheaper than video rendering.

Summing up, there are a lot of jewelry rendering services to choose from, so try to find the most optimal for you. Undoubtedly, our advice is to try Rendline.  

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