Technical Information

Obligatory Conditions for Using
  • The 3D CAD file must be in the ".3dm" format
  • The file size should not exceed 100 mb
  • The file must not contain bad objects
  • Note that the program will render all the hidden objects as well. For this very reason it is recommended that the file does not contain any hidden objects
  • All those layers which do not correspond to our standard layer names will be deleted, removing all existing in them objects. Therefore, we strongly recommend to save all necessary objects with standard names of
    The layers names are: 
    Layer 01 
    Layer 02 
    Layer 03 
    Layer 100

Object Positions

In order to achieve an accurate result on it is needed that the object is placed in the corresponding standard position (see Picture 1). In case of not corresponding to Picture 1, the displayed website views will not match with the achieved result.

Picture 1


If you do not wish to use our standard views, you can create your own ones. In order to do so see Point 3 (How to Create Individual Views for your Models)
All views are created for rings. If you wish to render earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces or items, then we would recommend you to use the views created by you. For this reason see Point 3 (How to Create Individual Views for your Models)

How to Create Individual Views for your Models

First of all, set your preferred view in Rhinoceros manually. Then write “_NamedView ” in the Command Line and press Enter. Click the Save button in the open window, write your preferred name and confirm. In the future this name should be used in the “Individual View’ section of (see Pictures 2,3,4)
You can add any number of Views.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4


Check for Hidden Objects

In order to see all hidden objects write “_Show” in the Command Line and press Enter. All the hidden objects will come into sight. In case of not possessing hidden models, in the Command Line of the program you will see the following sentence: “No objects are hidden.”